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About warpevents.eu

Mission statement

warpevents.eu is an organisation with the goal of ensuring that OS/2 and eComStation-related events take place. To achieve this goal, we address the needs of both the public and organisers by providing an infrastructure with information about event status and event organisation, a communication and coordination center, and the means for running event web sites as well.

Current services

The services provided by warpevents.eu are implemented using the TYPO3 content management system. At the moment, these include the following:

Hosting for event web sites with CMS

For the user, this means handy features like an RSS news feed, a wiki to suggest presentation topics, and a forum for organising the journey and stay as well as discussion with other visitors and the event team.

The event team on the other hand is enabled to collaboratively work on the web site content without the requirement of in-depth web design knowledge. This includes features like support for several languages with easy editing and updating of translations, workflows to ensure that only proof-read content gets published, a news system that automatically fills the home page, the RSS feed, and the news archive with content, an event management system that automatically creates speaker and presentation overviews and detailed views as well as a schedule.

Communication and organisation facilities

The tasks that the event team faces are supported by organisation facilities like IMAP e-mail accounts, a calendar to organise meetings and deadlines, a concept wiki to collaboratively discuss matters and create informational documents and PR announcements, and project management tools.

Getting feedback from visitors, speakers, and exhibitors, e.g., for polls prior to and evaluation after the event, is supported by a survey tool for easy creation and assessment of online questionnaires.

Information pool

Rather than having to re-event the wheel each year, event team members can draw upon information gathered in a central pool. This central pool contains a wiki to share experience and collaboratively edit the information like how-tos, check lists, and text templates, a download archive for files like finalised documents from the wiki, document templates, calculation spreadsheets, as well as a databases of people, companies and organisations, and locations.


Services under development

Currently, the following services are being developed:

  • Event calendar: A feature-rich calendar for all kinds of events that take place around the globe, ranging from local user group meetings to international conferences.

For status reports please see the forum.

Planned services

To further increase the usefulness of this site, the following features are planned:

  • A download archive that contains the material from presentations held at the above events. Currently, only the presentations from Warpstock Europe 2007 are available.
  • A public informational area for everyone who is interested in running an event. This will provide an overview of what is required to create a successful event. Of course, this requires that experienced persons enter enough information into the internal information pool as well as assembling and editing that information.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to voice them in the discussion forum.

Excluded services

While warpevents.eu has quite a bit to offer to the community, there are some things that we do not, will not, and cannot provide. This includes:

  • Running events ourselves
  • Filling the site with content

The staff of warpevents.eu entirely consists of volunteers who spend their spare-time on this project. If we tried to also do the above, it would be a full-time job.

So, please always remember:

We provide the infrastructure, you have to put it to use!