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[Article: speaker information ]
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Speakers need to be informed about the following prior to the event. Besides the web pages and announcements, all information should be given in one PDF document that can be downloaded from the web site and mailed to potential speakers.


[Edit]1 Event

  • What is Warpstock Europe?
  • What are the advantages of attending?
    • Sharing knowledge
    • Meeting users of own software
    • Meeting other developers
  • Date
  • Location
  • Agenda
  • Registration (lunch)
  • Accomodation
  • Travelling
  • Accessibility
  • Estimated number of visitors
  • Opening hours

[Edit]2 Seminar rooms

  • plan of building
  • size of rooms
  • projectors (screen resolution)
  • dimming (window blinds, lights)
  • microphone
  • flipchart / whiteboard
  • network access
    • type: LAN or WLAN
    • distance to hub/switch
    • number of available connectors
    • access restrictions (protocols, speed)
  • power
    • voltage
    • distance to connectors
    • type and number of connectors
    • maximum power consumption (fuses!)
  • beverages
  • support by room patrons
  • network access and power for audience (workshops)

[Edit]3 Security

  • Can equipment be locked away?
  • Access to storage area by
    • visitors,
    • event team, and/or
    • location staff.
  • Locked over night
  • Protection by alarm system
  • Supervision by security personnel

[Edit]4 Insurance

  • What happens if the speaker's equipment is damaged by
    • visitors,
    • staff members, or
    • due to technical failure (network, power)?
  • What happens if the speakers's equipment is stolen
    • during the opening times,
    • while the exhibition is closed?

[Edit]5 Speaker duties

  • availability on which days
  • presentation description / abstract,
  • speaker bio,
  • presentation file
  • hand-out
  • equipment requirements
    • computer
    • full dimming
    • network access
    • flipchart / whiteboard
  • register with Presentation Manager at event

[Edit]6 Guidelines and templates

  • English is presentation language
  • 45 and 2x45 min slots for presentations, half-day workshops 3x45 min (also up to 6x45min?)
  • Hold every presentation twice, except for half-day and full-day sessions
  • Maximum of 2 presentations, except if teamed presentation
  • How to create and hold a presentation
    • minimum font size 14 pt
    • avoid uncovering items step-by-step
    • low use of effects
  • Presentation templates
    • StarOffice,
    • (different versions),
    • Lotus Freelance,
    • LaTeX Beamer, and
    • S5.
  • Speaker manual with detailed guidelines

[Edit]7 Deadlines

Deadlines for

  • committing to holding the presentation,
  • submitting abstract and bio,
  • submitting presentation material, and
  • arriving at the event / seminar room.

[Edit]8 At the event

At the event itself, speakers need the Visitor information, plus:

  • Contact: Speakers need to know whom to contact in case of questions. This should be no more than two members of the event team, who have to be available at short notice.
  • Location: Speakers need to be shown the seminar room they are going to present in. Ideally, the Presentation Manager should give speakers a tour of the whole location.
  • Seminar room: Speakers need to be introduced to the seminar room equipment.

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