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[Article: Travelling ]
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Visitors need to know how to get to the event location. Do not refer visitors to the event location's web site as that might change without notice.

[Edit]1 Spelling

Always keep in mind that location names can be spelled differently in other languages than your own. For instance, the German Köln is Cologne in English, and for the German Düsseldorf, the English usually exchange the umlaut "ü" for a simple "u." This is not only of interest for the event team but also the visitor since he might not get the desired information if he enters the name in a different spelling than that of his own language.

[Edit]2 Required Information


  • the event location's full address,
  • instructions for people arriving by
    • train,
    • car, or
    • plane.
  • info about parking space, and
  • links to web sites
    • event location,
    • local public transport,
    • railways,
    • route planning, and
    • airport.
  • representative prices for journeys starting at several large cities, e.g., Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Moscow, etc.

[Edit]3 Instruction advice

Take into account that people can arrive from different directions, especially if they go by car. Provide instructions for the different ways.

Also, understand that a journey is not a discreet motion. The process for somebody going by train is not

  1. home,
  2. railway station,
  3. railway station, and
  4. event location,

but at the least

  1. home,
  2. movement to railway station,
  3. movement to platform,
  4. train ride,
  5. movement from platform to public transportation,
  6. movement to bus stop at event location, and
  7. movement to event location entrance.

Any obstacle on the way might cause trouble. So, to ease the travellers' lives, you should at least provide instructions on how to get from the railway station or airport to the event location by public transport. If the event location is not visible and/or cannot be reached directly from the nearest stop, also describe the way from the stop to the event location itself.

If any part on the way to the event location is particularly complicated, e.g., because of construction works or rerouting, you might want to take pictures and mark and describe the correct route.

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