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As with every event, carrying out Warpstock Europe costs money. Since there aren't many or large sponsors and many commercial exhibitors left today, the main source of income is the entrence fee paid by visitors.


[Edit]1 Entrance fee

There are several issues to consider:

  • Amount
  • Early-bird rebate
  • Rebate for more than one day
  • Fees for additional items, e.g., lunch and social event

[Edit]1.1 Amount

While Warpstock Europe is a non-profit event, it has to break even if at all possible. The amount charged needs to be high enough to cover the expenses, and low enough so not to alienate visitors. Over the years, an entrance fee of 15 to 20 EUR per day has become common.

Even if you have enough money, do not charge less than 15 EUR per day! Doing so would affect the visitors' expectations for the following year. This would be particularly bad if a higher fee would have to be charged to make the event possible as it would likely result in loss of visitors.

25 EUR per day is probably as high as it can get. This might already result in loss of visitors.

[Edit]1.2 Early bird rebate

To encourage people to register in advance, you might want to consider charging different fees for registration in advance, registration in advance before a certain date, and on-site. Over the last few years, an administrative extra fee of 2.50 EUR was charged for on-site registration.

However, the past has proven this not to be very effective.

[Edit]1.3 Rebate for more than one day, students

To encourage people to attend for several days and to lessen the burden for students, you might want to offer a rebate.

As far as we can tell, this has proven not to be very effective. As far as students are concerned, the OS/2 community does not include many of them any more.

[Edit]1.4 Fees for additional items

This largely depends on your planning and contracts regarding catering and the social event. Visitors might be able to order their desired number of meals on the day they arrive or you might be required to order a certain number several days before the event starts.

[Edit]2 Registration in advance

Knowing how many visitors are going to attend helps planning the event. Also, certain positions like meals might have to be ordered in advance. As a result, visitors need to be able to register—and pay—in advance.

Note, however, that, traditionally, only about a third of the visitors registers in advance.

Registration in advance is usually handled via the online shop of Mensys B.V. Be sure to provide them with a list of the registration options as early as possible.

[Edit]3 Web site info

The event web site needs to include a seperate "Registration" page with the following information:

  • Registration options
  • Deadline for registration in advance
  • Deadlines for additional registration options (meals, etc.)
  • Link to Mensys B.V. online shop

[Edit]4 A word of advice

While it may be tempting to offer many different registration options to cover the needs of all kinds of visitors, you should think twice about this. It might even be counter-productive in the end as a large number of registration options can be confusing and lead to misunderstandings. To avoid this, better stick to the golden rule of organisation: KISS—Keep It Simple and Stupid.

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