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[Article: Pictures of event location ]
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The event location is described on the event web site. Words are fine and required but, as the saying goes, an image is worth more than a thousand words because it

  • carries more information at once,
  • transports emotions, and
  • gives the web site a less "dry" impression.

Do not miss this opportunity to make potential visitors feel good about the event location!

[Edit]1 Subjects

The event location gallery should contain pictures of the following at least:

  • Reception, lobby
  • Restaurant, bar, bistro
  • All seminar rooms
  • Room with bed
  • Outside of event location building

Depending on the actual situation, you may want to publish more than one picture per item to emphasize details and/or atmosphere, e.g., a really cozy bar, recently renovated rooms, or special equipment of seminar rooms.

It's also a nice idea to publish some pictures of sights to see in the vicinity.

[Edit]2 Creation

Some advise on taking pictures:

  • Take more pictures than you need so you can choose the best and drop the ones that didn't turn out so well. Double the required number at least, better triple it. This shouldn't be a problem in the age of digital cameras.
  • Lighting is essential:
    • Be sure that the contrast is high enough. Low contrast makes the pictures look dull.
    • Be aware of the effects of against-the-light shots.
    • Inside the building, try turning off the flash and using a tripod. Using the flash in large rooms will result in bad lighting as the flash alone is not enough to light the whole room. Furthermore, if the room has windows, bright daylight often leads to more natural looking colours.
  • Do not take pictures of the outside on a grey or rainy day as this makes the location look dull. You don't want the web site visitors to think that the event will be boring or get depressed, do you?
  • Look for details that could be interesting or transport a positive impression, e.g., a cozy armchair, nice paintings in the rooms, stylish design, or special woodwork in the bar.

In case you do have to resort to suboptimal pictures for some reason: Use an image manipulation program! Even viewers like PMView come with a set of features that can improve a picture considerably:

  • If a picture is too dark, try a combination of brightness/contrast and gamma correction.
  • If the colours are dull, try a combination of saturation, brightness/contrast, and gamma correction.

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