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Requirements for food:

  • Warm lunch, meaning a full meal, not just a soup or a sausage and a roll.
  • Warm and cold beverages have to be available at all times, at least coffee and mineral water
  • Breakfast and optional dinner if accomodation is on-site
  • Availability of alternatives for special dietary requirements like vegetarian, kosher, etc.
    • Usually have to be arranged a certain time prior to the event
    • Visitors have to announce special requirements
  • At least half-way decent quality. Test yourself if possible. This tends to be an issue in youth hostels and at universities.
  • Decent price/performance ratio. Visitors will be very annoyed if they have to pay 5 EUR for a sausage and a roll.


  • Do meals have to be ordered until a deadline?
  • Who handles ordering of meals?
    • If event team, make registration option available
    • If event location, provide information on web site


  • Do you want to offer beverages, cookies in breaks?
    • Who pays?
    • Possible in commission?

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