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[Article: Bid submission outline ]
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The bid shall include the information outlined below.

Please note that the Steering Group does not request all this information lightly or to put up hurdles. To be successful, the event team will have to answer these questions for itself sooner or later. The sooner it does so and an outsider with experience in event management can review the information, the easier it is to correct possible planning issues and ensure a successful event.


[Edit]1 Contact Information

The Event Team, composed of, but not limited to, the following positions (see Roles for a list of possible positions and their responsibilities):

  • Event Chair
  • Event Co-Chair
  • Speaker Coordinator
  • Exhibition Coordinator
  • Facilities Coordinator
  • Network Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator

A person may fill two roles, with the exception of both Event Chair and Co-Chair. Under certain circumstances, e.g., if the event site staff provides most of what a role requires, additional roles might be acceptable.

For each person on the team (as listed above):

  • Contact name
  • Contact position
  • Contact phone
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact postal mail address

[Edit]2 Dates

  • Proposed dates for Warpstock Europe
  • Conflicting trade shows (CeBit, etc.)
  • Trade shows and other events just before or after Warpstock Europe to make it easier, and more reason to travel (i.e., can someone combine a trip)

[Edit]3 Geography

  • Why is this city a good location for Warpstock?
  • What special advantages does it offer?
  • What disadvantages need to be coped with?

[Edit]4 Travel

  • Options for out-of-towners, including distance of travelling options to event site
  • Airports
  • Railway service
  • Driving ease
  • Ferry connections
  • Representative connections via plane und/or railway including fares from cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, London, Munich, New York, Prague, Rome, Wien, Zürich
  • Hotel prices, or other lodging arrangements

[Edit]5 Facilities

  • Event sites (all choices being considered)
  • Availability of event sites at the proposed dates
  • Overall capacity
  • Number, capacity, and location of presentation, exhibition, and community rooms
  • Presentation equipment
  • Kind and bandwidth of available networking
  • Cost overview
  • Availability, capacity, and price of on-site accomodation
  • Availability, quality, and price of on-site catering
  • Other advantages and disadvantages

[Edit]6 Social program

  • Planned at all
  • Content
  • Date, time, duration

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