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[Article: Bid process ]
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[Edit]1 Introduction

This process, which is very similar to the one used by Warpstock, Inc. for North America, was instated to establish transparency and to avoid the impression of wheeling and dealing. It may seem a bit bureaucratic, especially since there usually is not more than one bidder, but everybody deserves the same chance. Should there be more than one bidder, it can also act as a measure to reach an agreement between bidders with one stepping down and taking over the following year.

[Edit]2 Opening of Bidding

The Steering Group will announce that bidding is open for a particular event. This announcement will contain a date by which groups wishing to submit bids must signal their intent to make a bid to host a Warpstock Europe event.

[Edit]3 Letter of Intent

Teams wishing to bid on hosting a Warpstock Europe event must declare their intention to do so by a date set by the Steering Group. This may be accomplished by sending electronic mail to the Steering Group at steeringgroup(at) (

This letter of intent should contain

  • a list of the individuals involved,
  • the city or area that the event would be held, and
  • the suggested time of year for the event (a time suitable for prolonging the visit for a holiday is preferred).

The letter of intent may contain any additional information about the proposed bid that the team wishes to share. This letter does not need to be in great detail about the proposed event, but rather, a commitment from the group about entering into the bid process.

A reply will be sent upon receipt of the initial information. If a reply is not received within 48 hours of submission, please contact any Board member directly to determine the notification status.

[Edit]4 Invitation to Submit a Bid

Once an initial intention has been declared, the Steering Group will invite the group to submit an official bid. The Steering Group will remain in close contact with the teams throughout the remainder of the bid process. A Steering Group member may be assigned as liaison to each team. It is expected one person on the bid team will become the liaison to the Steering Group during this time.

[Edit]5 Bid Submission

The team has to submit an official bid to the Steering Group. The bid should contain the information outlined in the Bid submission outline.

[Edit]6 Bid Review

As soon as all of the bids have been received, the Steering Group will review all proposals and arrive at a decision as to the winning bid. The Steering Group will base its decision upon the merits of the bids. The Steering Group may also arrange a virtual meeting with the bid team to discuss specifics of the proposal. This meeting would be either by Internet Relay Chat or telephone conference call.

[Edit]7 Decision Announcement

Once the Steering Group has arrived at a decision, it will announce the winning annual event team together with the location and date of the Warpstock Europe event.

[Edit]8 Preparation

After the Steering Group has announced its selection, the event team will enter into an agreement with the Steering Group to put on the event. While the event team has the primary responsibility to put on the event, the Steering Group has the responsibility for oversight.

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