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[Edit]1 Categories

Make sure that there enough suitable accomodation facilities with enough rooms / beds in the location area. While certainly not everyone will be willing to spend much money for a suite in a five-star hotel, there are people who do not want to stay in a youth hostel either.

[Edit]2 Visitor info

Do not leave it to the visitors to find out about suitable accomodation facilities. Today, many cities have internet portals that provide information or even booking services for hotels, B&Bs, and youth hostels. If the city that the event will take place at does not, the region/province might. Also, there are usually hotel and youth hostel booking portals for the whole country at least. Provide links to these web sites. If available web sites do not cover an accomodation category, list a few offerings on the event web site.

[Edit]3 On-site accomodation

In the past, locations with on-site accomodation have been very positively received by visitors. If many people stay at the same place, this supports visitor interaction and exchange since people stay together for a longer time instead of leaving for their quarters. As a result, you may want to search for a decent youth hostel or an event location with many accomodation facilities in the direct vicinity.

[Edit]4 Contingents

If the location offers on-site accomodation, be sure to reserve a contingent of rooms for the visitors. A good number would be 50 - 70 % of the estimated number of attendees.

Do not forget to arrange for a suitable booking deadline and announce it on the web site! If the location management does not offer a suitable deadline for the whole contingent, you might be able to arrange for partial reductions.

Depending on how many rooms you reserve, you might also be able to arrange for a special offer that visitors can book for a reduced price. This might also be possible in case of external accomocation at hotels.

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