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Welcome to the information area for event organisers and people considering to become one. In this area you will find all kinds of documents and files that will help to avoid having to re-event the wheel and create a successful event and see if you are up to the challenge in the first place.

The available information and tools should include:

  • ToDo check lists
  • HowTos
  • PR announcement drafts
  • Speaker, exhibitor, and visitor information drafts
  • Database of potential speakers, helpers, people with certain skills or connections
  • Event location database
  • Expense calculation sheet
  • etc.

Public library

The publicly accessible part is aimed at people interested in creating an event themselves. It displays a limited subset of the available information in a read-only wiki. Information about persons and locations is not publically available.

Internal library

The restricted part is aimed at existing event teams, who have committed to creating an event, and past event team members and other people with experience in event management who would like to share their experience.

Parts of the information are organised in a Wiki so collaborative editing and updating is easy. Other files will be available as normal web pages or for download.