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Last day you can book your Warpstock Europe 2015 access WITH lunch....

Sunday May 31, 2015  By: Roderick Klein

Warpstock Europe 2015, the OS/2 conference organized by the Dutch OS/2 foundation and sponsored by the OS/2 only company Arca Noae LLC, will be held in Munich on the 6th and 7th of June.
For more information visit the website

You can reserve your Warpstock Europe 2015 *with* lunch until tomorrow
18:00 Berlin time (1st of June)!

You can *not* pay for Warpstock Europe access at the event itself.

Again its not possible (according to A&O hostels) to book your lunch when you arrive at the event.

You can book your access via the website of Arca Noae: ... 15-access/

I have talked to A&O hostels and tickets for access to Warpstock Europe can be sold *WITHOUT* lunch until the 3th of June.
I need to let the hostel now how many visitors are coming so they know how much coffee and tea for during conference they need to provide.

Hope to you see at Warpstock Europe 2015 in Munich.


Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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