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Thirteen New Presentations Confirmed

Monday November 09, 2009  By: Christian Hennecke

Several new presentations have been added to the agenda of this year's Warpstock Europe. The following new presentations have been confirmed:

  • “The Perspectives of eComStation in 2010” by Evgeny Gorbunov
  • “eComStation 2.0 and Beyond” by Roderick Klein and Joachims Benjamins
  • “10 Years of Warpstock Europe” by Ernst Martin Kirschner and Wolfgang Wilms
  • “Printing from eComStation to Current Printers” by Wolfgang Wilms and Ernst Martin Kirschner
  • “MD5 Message Digest—Uses and Programs” by Keith Merrington
  • “SearchPlus—An Update” by Keith Merrington
  • “New Applications for eComStation” by Evgeny Gorbunov
  • “Pimp up Your eComStation” by Ernst Martin Kirschner
  • “Internet Networking—A Closer Look” by Adrian Gschwend
  • “DevCon: Libraries, Guidelines, and Ideas for Developers” by Evgeny Gorbunov
  • “An Introduction to Perl” by David Saville
  • “The Web-Site and the Vexatious Law” by Detlef Horstmann
  • “An Introduction to Test Automation for Web Applications” by Arne-Michael Törsel

Our Presentation Manager is currently finalising the presentation schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

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