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Warpstock Europe 2009 Announcement

Sunday April 26, 2009  By: Christian Hennecke

Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V. and are pleased to announce that WARPSTOCK EUROPE 2009 will be held at the Hotel Rügenblick in Stralsund, Germany on November 12-15, 2009. For more information, visit the Warpstock Europe web site at:

Warpstock is an annual conference for the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems and related technology. It is dedicated to information, education, support, and exchange and addresses users, developers, and software vendors. To achieve these goals, the event offers seminars and workshops, exhibition areas, and room for personal exchange.

Warpstock conferences are held in different parts of the world. The originating event is targeted at the users of the United States of America and Canada, while the Warpstock Europe event obviously is its European counterpart. Also, there is the Warpstock Czech Repuplic, which dedicated to the community within the Czech Republic and countries of Eastern Europe.

OS/2 and eComStation users from Europe—and anywhere else for that matter—are invited to come to Germany this year to attend Warpstock Europe 2009. The Event Team has many ideas on what to offer during this four day OS/2-fest. For instance, the first day will be dedicated to a social program with activites in the city instead of presentations.

Warpstock Europe 2009 will be an excellent opportunity to attend high-quality presentations about a variety of OS/2- and eComStation-related subjects, exchange ideas with other developers, meet the people behind projects, get support from user groups, and talk to other users.

Located in the north east of Germany at the coast of Baltic Sea, next to the island of Rügen and the border of Poland, Stralsund can be reached well by visitors from Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, the Benelux and Czechia. Visitors flying in from other countries will travel via Hamburg, Berlin, or the local airport Rostock-Laage. The nearest ports with ferry connections are Rostock and Sassnitz. The distance to the main railway station is approx. 3.5 km. Public transport to the event location is available.

The location is the comfortable three star standard Hotel Ruegenblick in Stralsund. Attendees can enjoy rooms of high-level standard as all 64 rooms, with all over 120 beds, have a very light and modern design and are equipped with shower, W.C., telephone, TV, hair dryer, and Internet access. The in-house pub is an attractive venue where attendees can chat, relax, and even get a dinner—the perfect place to unwind after a busy day in this exciting city! In addition, it will house the exhibition area during the opening hours. Two rooms are dedicated for presentations and an additional four rooms are available for workshops while a restaurant takes care of the physical well-being. The hostel is located directly at the coast of the Baltic Sea, not far from the famous historic city centre, making it a perfect starting point for everybody who wants to extend his visit beyond the duration of the event itself and avail themselves to the opportunity of a broad range of cultural offerings.

Behind the organisation of Warpstock Europe 2009 is an international group of OS/2 users, lead by Ernst Martin Kirschner, treasurer of organiser Team OS/2 Deutschland e.V., Michael Oehlhof, treasurer of the supporting Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V, and Detlef Horstmann, member of Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V.. All have been members or supporters of previous Warpstock Europe event teams. This event will again benefit from the support of, an organisation with the goal of enabling others to create OS/2-related events by providing information about event organisation, a communication and coordination center, and the means for running event web sites as well.

The Warpstock Europe 2009 Event Team

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