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More Presentations Confirmed

Tuesday September 30, 2008  By: Christian Hennecke

Warpstock Europe 2008 is drawing nearer and more presentations have been confirmed. This year's selection again covers a wide range of topics and offers something interesting for everybody:

  • “ - Setting the Stage for Events” by Christian Hennecke, Thomas Klein, and Michael Oehlhof
  • “Quo vadis Warpstock Europe? - Motion and stillness” by Christian Hennecke and Thomas Klein
  • “Virtual Memory Problems Under OS/2 and eComStation” by Sjoerd Visser
  • “Voyager: Beyond the Browser” by Adrian Gschwend
  • “MPEG2 to MPEG4 Video Conversion Under OS/2 and eComStation” by Sjoerd Visser
  • “Update on PMMail” by David Saville
  • “ Digital I/O with eComStation via the USB Interface Box meM-PIO” by Uwe Hinz
  • “Google: The Oracle & the Beast” by Adrian Gschwend
  • “ - Rebirth of a News Agency for OS/2 and eComStation” by Christian Hennecke and Roderick Klein

For more information please see the Agenda page at:

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