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Presentation timetable for Warpstock Europe 2007

Monday October 01, 2007  By:Christian Langanke

The Presentation timetable for Warpstock Europe 2007 is now online available at Please check the session list for updates during the time remaining to the event.

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Registration for Warpstock Europe 2007 available

Saturday September 01, 2007

Registration for the Warpstock Europe 2007 event is now available. For prices and more information, see the Registration page at: The Warpstock Europe Event Team wishes to express...

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Call for topic suggestions and speakers

Tuesday August 14, 2007  By:Christian Hennecke

What topics would you like to see dealt with in presentations and workshops at this year's Warpstock Europe event? A Wiki has been set up where you can easily enter your...

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RSS News Feed

Sunday August 12, 2007  By:Christian Hennecke

An RSS feed has been set up for all official news. Stay informed about what is going to happen at Warpstock Europe 2007 and get the news as it is announced! To subscribe to the RSS feed, go to the Warpstock Europe home page at...

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New date for Warpstock Europe 2007

Thursday July 12, 2007  By:Keith Merrington

The original date planned for Warpstock Europe unfortunately turned out to coincide with that of America. In mutual agreement with America it was decided to shift the European event. Although a greater time differential between...

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New Warpstock Europe web site online

Monday July 02, 2007  By:Christian Hennecke

This is the new home for Warpstock Europe on the web. With this site, we hope to provide a platform that can be used not only by the organizers of this year's Warpstock Europe event but also by those to come. The site uses the...

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