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Warpstock Europe 2012: Current Status

Saturday March 17, 2012  By:Christian Hennecke

Time to wipe the slate clean. The prospect of a Warpstock Europe 2012 event happening is looking rather dim. The call for letters of intent issued by the Steering Group in August 2011 resulted in only one...

Category: General Steering Group Looking for new Blood

Saturday March 17, 2012 Steering Group

The Steering Group is looking for successors. Two of its four members have quit. With the remaining two being otherwise occupied, the group is currently not able to fulfill its duties. The Steering...

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Bids for Warpstock Europe 2012 now accepted

Tuesday August 23, 2011 Steering Group

The Steering Group is now accepting bids from groups or individuals wishing to host Warpstock Europe 2012. Groups or individuals considering hosting Warpstock Europe 2011 should submit a letter of their intent to...

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Support Warpstock Europe 2011 and Spread the Word!

Sunday March 13, 2011  By:Warpstock Europe 2011 Event Team

Support Warpstock Europe 2011 and spread the word by placing one of our official event logos or the banner on your web site, or by sharing information about the event in social media channels! Placing a logo is free, fast,...

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Accommodation alert!

Monday February 28, 2011  By:Warpstock Europe 2011 Event Team

If you are interested in attending Warpstock Europe 2011, please note that it is strongly recommended to book your hotel/youth hostel as early as possible! May 5th is the national liberation day of the Netherlands which comes...

Category: Location

Call for topic suggestions and speakers

Saturday February 26, 2011  By:Warpstock Europe 2011 Event Team

What topics would you like to see dealt with in presentations and workshops at this year's Warpstock Europe event? After the success of the previous years' wish lists, a Wiki has been set up again where you can easily enter...

Category: Agenda, Presentations, Speakers, Exhibitors

Warpstock Europe 2011 Announced

Wednesday February 16, 2011  By:Gerrit Schoenmaker

The 12th Warpstock Europe Conference will take place from May 6 - 8 in the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands, at the La Place restaurant and conference center "Dreefzicht" ( This year's event host is the...

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