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fold faq Who runs

Actually, there may be three parts to this answer: is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers who are interested in ensuring that OS/2 and eComStation-related events take place. The organisation provides the technical infrastructure for sharing information, communication, and organising an event. The staff can be reached via the Contact page.

Warpstock Europe events themselves are run by dedicated volunteers. Generally, there is an event team for each year that consists of different persons who have stepped forward to organise that particular event. Afterwards, that event team dissolves.

Between events, the Steering Group takes over responsibility. This group consists of volunteers with experience in running events. Their task is to provide ongoing information about the status to the public, give advise to potential organisers, and support event teams in the planning and pre-event phase. This includes finding the best solution if more than one team is interested in running the next event.

fold faq How can I support

There are several possible ways to support You can donate to to help us pay our hosting and development costs, send a gift to individual members of the staff as a sign of appreciation, or sponsor a particular event. For more information, please see the Donate area.

Another way is, of course, to fill this platform with life by contributing experience and information: We provide the infrastructure, you provide the content!

fold faq How can I contribute content to

This depends on what kind of content you wish to contribute:

  • If you are experienced in running events, please register if you don't have an account for or yet. Then contact a staff member via the Contact page to get access to the internal area. There you can add information to our wiki, file archive, and databases.
  • If you would like to tell us about future OS/2 events, contact a staff member via the Contact page.
  • If you have presentation material that you would like to see archived, contact a staff member via the Contact page. Please remember that such material is protected by copyright laws. So if you are not the author, please ask for permission prior to submitting any material.

If you cannot contribute content but want to support us, you may want to consider making a donation.


Steering Group

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fold faq How are the members of the Steering Group determined?

There is no election process, at least by now. Basically, everbody with experience in running events and some time to spare who is interested in making OS/2 and eComStation events happen is free to join.

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fold faq Why are the members of the Steering Group not elected?

There are several reasons. While we think that democracy is a good concept, it does not work here.

  • Properly conducted elections are a time-consuming process, and somebody needs to be willing and available to conduct them. Since we are already quite restrained in terms of man-power, we'd rather see the time invested in getting the job done.
  • The number of potential candidates is rather low. Instead of competition, we'd rather engage in cooperation and get as many of them on board as possible.
  • If somebody is dissatisfied with the performance, he is free to voice that opinion and suggest improvements or other better candidates. Best would be to step forward and help, of course.
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fold faq What legitimates the Steering Group in making decisions about locations and event teams?

Basically, their experience and dedication only. No, the members are neither duly elected representatives of the OS/2 and eComStation community, nor do and the Steering Group have any respective legal rights. They were just the ones who were stupid enough to raise their hands. Smiley If you are not satisfied with the group's performance, feel free to join and improve it.

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Web site

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fold faq Is this site running on an OS/2 server?

Our focus is getting the job done—with a minimum of money and effort, and a maximum of reliability and sustainability.

Few providers offer hosting on OS/2, however, Rosenthal & Rosenthal, in New York, USA, does. This site is currently hosted on an HP Proliant server running eComStation.

A number of required tools for running TYPO3 were not always available for OS/2. Thanks in part to the great beginning work by Michael Oehlhof and Roland Schmalenberg (, followed by Gianfilippo Cimmino, Paul Smedley, and Steve Levine, we now have the components necessary to run TYPO3 on OS/2. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of them.

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fold faq Why are you using TYPO3? It is overly complicated, slow, technologically outdated...

There is a number of reasons:

  • This web site is going to be a huge project. What you see as the current site is only a part.
  • We need all kinds of features.
  • Administration and the different content areas and languages will be handled by a larger number of persons.
  • A kind of quality assurance for the content has to be possible.
  • The CMS must be capable of handling this while keeping a tidy interface for the content editors.
  • Professional hosting must be available.

We can assure you that we are aware of the fact that TYPO3 does have a learning curve. But the results make the effort worthwhile.

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